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Dabei seit: 27.04.2017
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muscles. But I no longer paint it, because I no longer think that black and white is very boring, it has since re-emerged as the color of my life, it is the beautiful color of my life. Beautiful you, bring me a different world. I combine you with the poetry in the book. After reading "Summer Quatrains", I drew the patriotic feelings of "being a human being, and being a ghost". After reading "Drinking", I drew the leisure of "seeing the mountains under the daisy and seeing Nanshan leisurely"; "Night Rain Sends North", I drew the thoughts of "When to cut the western window candle, but when the Bashan night rains"... Beautiful you brought me different emotional shocks. Thank you, art, let me have a pair of eyes to discover beauty, look back, the color of life is everywhere. [Chapter 3] The color of life always feels that you are walking in a silent voice. Day after day, the color of life is faded, and there is no expectation for the future. ����Yes, yes, I remember the pen swaying in the dawn, once written in the tender handwriting �C ��believe in the future��. It is not a special word, I wrote my childhood craving for colorful life, but it is a fantasy that can't be beaten, and the next second is broken. I am lazy, I love the sun in the afternoon to soak the black hair, reflecting the strange light. When I was in junior high school, I began to hate the sunshine. I hated it. It was like a naughty child walking up the middle of my textbook. Gradually, I was numb, I began to ignore it, and my eyes quickly shuttled through the black and white of the textbook, letting the formula In the brain, the afternoon time is quietly aged in black and white, but I don��t know if it will smell bad or fragrant. I am a quiet person. In the evening, when the sunset glows into the sky, blood red, red, red, pink, Layers are converged, such as domineering, such as flooding rice paper... I��m so obsessed with it, let the sunset pull the tree shadow long and long... elegant purple, calm blue, warm red, blending in my eyes, in the brain The change is so beautiful, so quiet Marlboro Lights. Similarly, in junior high school, this hobby is gone, replaced by piles of homework. After the crowd, I huddled in the gray corner, staring blankly at the pale wall, losing my hobby, living in a dead body. In the gray, there is no end. One day, I repeated the road to school with an umbrella. I don��t think that this day will be different from the plain past. Except for this dense drizzle, suddenly, two grays passed from my eyes and fell far behind. At the office, I turned my head curiously. Two birds were jumping on the ground. Two black little eyes sparkled with strange brilliance. One looked into the grass and looked for something. After a while, she shrank back in disappointment. The other one was stunned. Suddenly, a drop of water dripped down the veins on its back. It scared a sharp spirit, flicked a few wings, leaped and leaped, and suddenly fell down after the realization. I stood still and admired the picture of this rich life. It was tiny and happy. What I had been forgotten in my heart seemed to be picked up again, letting the colorful eyes come into my eyes and make life beautiful. Oh! I should pick up the palette of life again! [Chapter 4] The color life of life is like a blank piece of paper. Only when you try to paint it boldly, you will have colorful colors. - Inscription green green grass, green tree. Green describes spring as the best. Strolling through the green meadows, the fragrant floral scent comes with a sense of spring. The earth is full of vitality, the birds are free in the sky, and the creek sings songs. what! Beautiful spring, you make my life more colorful, maybe not using powder to express in summer. The burning sun is roasting the earth, and the sweat on people's body rolls down like a broken pearl, which does not set off the taste of powder. But when you look into the lake, you see a piece of powder dressed up in the lake. Lotus, the most dazzling scenery in the summer, but it can bring a beautiful summer! what! The lotus flower is that you let my life re-visit the hope of red maple leaf, maple leaf red. Autumn is here, and the red of the trees adds a new color to nature Cigarettes Online. The falling maple leaves dance like a butterfly. Autumn is also the time for the peasant's uncle to harvest. The red fruit is very attractive, and the peasant's uncle's face is filled with joy of harvest. Ah! Autumn, you make me feel the success of going through hardships! Winter, snowy. All the plants have quietly slept, only plum blossoms, it is like a brave warrior, standing in the snow, stubborn and unyielding, and fierce resistance with the cold winter. In the end, it won, defeated the cold Wholesale Cigarettes, and exudes a touch of floral fragrance in the north wind! Plum, you gave me the courage to tell me that I should not retreat in the face of difficulties. I should persevere, go forward, and defeat the difficult life. It is colorful. Only by heart, life will become meaningful.

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