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Dabei seit: 27.04.2017
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In order to meet you, I fell in love with the cold of the whole winter. Sleep, skip one season after another. In full bloom, only for you in the winter and pursue the preference of people since ancient times, always inspired by the high and clean, strong and unique, to nurture their own inner cultivation. Because it stands in the cold, the growth is not afraid of the ice attack Cigarettes Sales, and the head is in full bloom, and never fear the risk of the frost knife, the iron skeleton. Therefore, I am also known as Hanmei. Why do I always open in the winter? As early as 4,000 years ago, the folks have been circulating a saying about me. "It is plum blossom that falls in love with the world of ice and snow, and falls in love with it." After the companionship of the snow, I didn��t miss the meeting with the snow every year, and I waited and waited, only to wake up in the coldest time. Looking around, looking forward to reunion, with the most beautiful gesture, the sweetest bloom The longest storage and storage of the most fragrant taste buds. Because of long-lasting thoughts filled with tears, it is slightly bitter, slightly cold. Because of the love in the heart, it is often a fragrant fragrance. Just for the reunion, Every year, I am experiencing the boiling blood in the time of storage Free Carton Of Newports. I am willing to wait in the reincarnation, stop on the road that you must pass when you are born in the world. Are you coming back in the long-lost winter? Time flies, but I can wait for your journey to be far away! I will bury you for a lifetime, and I will only wait for you to return. Snow, I know that you are the darling of winter, people who hold your field are better than me. Longing for everyone. Your white, but forgot my fragrance. But it is not important, I am only in full bloom for your chill. I have spent all my life, blossoming once and for all, but I have not seen your way, it is me. Has it hindered your freedom? Or do you have to give up the only love of this red dust? I have no love for the road to exit, just to stay is the only waiting for a lifetime. Repeated and repeated squatting, until there is no retreat Why, who is the robbery? I am waiting on the ground Newport 100S Carton Wholesale, you are watching in the sky, surrounded by a thin layer of cloud, the temperature that is controlled is the number of rituals that the red rope is not pulled out, and you are not delayed. I am Mei, have you seen it? Even if a snow drifts, the stable heart knows that you are good. Is this a joke that fate has given me, is this the error that I am waiting for, the reincarnation of life? It��s not your fault, you and I have done it all, the world is gone. For many years, the temperature is not the original temperature, and you have never returned, but I have become a habit in nature. ��You know why Cheap Newport Cigarettes Wholesale. Is it only snowing in winter? Because I am Fear of missing. It��s just a fate, everything is destined. Now there is only the snow in my mind. I��m still waiting for you in the distance. In the winter, there are occasions and unspeakable pains that you can��t control. Waiting for it, waiting for the revolution of the earth every year, stopping at the edge of every century, relying on the reincarnation of every universe. After thousands of years, the clouds between the mountains and the winds, perhaps the mountains will not turn, will accompany the watch, count every inch of the place you walked, when the water does not turn, the cloud is accompanying, only look The blue sky signs that you cross over each side are winter snow scenes, praises in the snow, snow like plum blossoms, plum blossoms like snow. White plum, red plum, frozen face with traces of blood and tears, sour nowhere is also difficult to become gray. It doesn't matter if it doesn't resemble it Buy Newport 100 Cigarettes Online. Only the shadows are elegant, and they fall into the silence. When the fragrance comes, the aroma is naturally full of snow, maybe one day, I am inadvertently.
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