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Having a garden wedding can be magical and romantic Marlon Mack Jersey , but there are problems that can come up that would normally if having a wedding indoors. Here are some garden wedding ideas that will make your garden wedding perfect for you and your guests.

Garden weddings are great but what if the weather turns bad. If you are having the wedding in the back yard make sure to rent a large tent where you can hold the reception. When the rain starts falling you can move everything under the tent. Be sure to organize a few of your guests to be able to help move reception tables and chairs out of the way to make room for the ceremony and then move them back should the weather turn bad. You can also contract with a local nearby church or school to have the ceremony there if the weather is not appropriate. Be sure to do this way ahead of time and then remind them once the day comes closer.

Decorations for garden weddings can be simple or ornate but they will surely have something to do with flowers. Make sure to examine the grounds where the wedding is being held. Make sure there is nothing around you do not want others to notice. This includes a grouping of trash cans. It may include a garden shed that has seen too many years as well. If you do not want them to appear in your wedding pictures think of ways to mask their appearance. Many florists will rent large plants, such as palms. You can group them in a way to hide those garbage cans. Sheds and other buildings can be trimmed with bows, ribbons, festive fabrics and such to hide peeling paint and any other damage that is apparent.

The area in which you are going to have the ceremony needs to have some sort of backdrop. This can be as simple as employing a grove of trees that are already on the property or using an area where flowers grow up a trellis. A stone wall makes a great focal point or you can rent or make your own arbor. Many rental stores have metal arches or arbors that you can decorate with tulle fabric and flowers. Weave in some ivy or grapevines for more interest and place a few bows. Make sure the area is decorated with some potted plants and bright colored flowers. Also make sure that you or your guests will not be looking right into the sun during the ceremony. A wooded area makes a great place to have the ceremony.

Electricity may be necessary for a good wedding outdoors. Wedding musicians often require electric especially when the ceremony is outdoors. Sound disperses faster outside and amplification is necessary for any acoustic instrument. Electric pianos certainly need to be plugged in and if some one is going to sing it is advisable for them to use a microphone. The minister or priest would probably enjoy being amplified so they aren't't in competition with traffic noises and nature sounds. Any entertainment at the reception will need a great deal of outlets in order to plug their equipment in.

Flowers should be the main decoration at the garden wedding. Fill in spaces in the actual garden with containers of flowers. Prior to the wedding mulch the beds and make sure they look neat and tidy. Include some statues or a gazing ball in the gardens to make people want to gather there and include some benches and lawn chairs so they can feel comfortable before and after the ceremony in small areas of the garden.

String the trees with twinkle lights or you can string pastel paper lanterns from tree to tree. Collect wide mouth canning jars and fill three fourths full with colored sand or gravel and place a votive candle inside and light it to illumine pathways. A cute idea is to put a birdbath in a flowerbed near the receiving line and place a sign on it to throw a coin in and a make a wish for the newlyweds.

Your garden wedding can be the most romantic and beautiful one ever. Starting in the atmosphere of nature is a great way to start a life together.

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