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Dabei seit: 27.04.2017
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Suffering is a strange fruit on the tree of life. Those who don't know it can know their suffering when they taste it. Those who know it know that only chewing can be tasted after the bitterness.-nine; others say that since ancient tim the sound of wearing forest leaves, why not scream and Xu Xing." Chewing suffering, we can live calmly. You see the Suzi who is boating in Chibi, the bitterness of the Wutai poetry in the moon and the pain of being betrayed by friends, and then silently swallowing the bitterness of this life. He made the suffering wine into a t of fate!" Chewing and suffering, we can surpass ourselves. Perhaps binaural deafness is a fatal blow to a musician, but Beethoven said "no" to fate. This person living in the abyss of suffering, chewing on the pain of deafness, the ridicule of the people Online Cigarettes, he swallowed the fruit of suffering, and then played it on the keys with trembling hands, and finally popped up with amazing notes. This person who chewed the suffering, played a happof the ruin of the country and the ruin of the country? death? At least not for Goujian, this lonely monarch, in the prison of Wu, read the meaning of suffering under the whip of the husband. He tasted the pain and built a blueprint for the founding of the country Marlboro Red. Finally, the country is no longer destroyed. It is a diste can only taste the sweetness buried behind the bitterness when we chew it. When we taste the true taste of suffering, we also understand the true taste of life. It seems muddy and bumpy. The road to life in dissatisfaction with the shoal will also become a road to Kangzhuang. Reading can make a person's thoughts more profound, more connotative, and more valuable. I love to read books and read a good book. It is like enjoying a beautiful landscape picture. It is pleasing to the eye. Reading a good book is like a cup of mellow Longjing tea. It is refreshing and memorable. Read one. This good book is like visiting a garden full of poetry and painting, which is intoxicating and lingering.
the ridiculous ignorance of Q; read a generation of writers" The cross-brows are cold and the fingers of the scorpion, and the singularity o the emerald, handsome and capable, singing like a nightingale to spread the second child Cigarette Online, and that The honest and honest Tianbao boss Cigarettes For Sale, the simple and sly old boatman, performed a love story full of local customs in erience the grief and hatred of the Danish prince, love and affection, fear and courage; from the tragedy of Prince Hamlet, I not only read the disputes of feudal power Marlboro Cigarettes, but also felt the humanism of this Renaissance The sorrow of the read out the heroic and brave of the hero of the sea, Sandyaki, read out the old man "hero" can be destroyed, but can not be defeated by the creed, read the author carefully shaped this An image of good intentions: tell us that difficulties are used to defeat, not to escape or surrender. Reading "The Old Man and the Sea", the strong will of Paul Steel; reading Shi Tiesheng's "The Missing of Autumn", I read the selflessness and greatness of maternal love; read Cao Xue's "Dream of Red Mansions", I read the sad love of Daiyu; reading Wu Chengen's "Journey to the West", I read the hardships of Tang Yin's masters and apprentices; reading Luo Guanzhong's "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", I read Guan Yu The heroic spirit of Hao Zhuang; reading Shi Nai's "Water Margin", I read Lin Chong's grief and helplessness on Liangshan; reading Lev Tolstoy's "Resurrection", I read the sublimation of two souls With the resurrection.
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Pimp-my-WBB » Boardintern » Feedback » Suffering is a strange fruit on the tree of life

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