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Dabei seit: 27.04.2017
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In the future, human beings will no longer be crowded on one earth, but will swim in the vast universe. Let me describe the future world for everyone!In the future, everyone can have a planet. The vast universe is boundless, and there are countless stars in the universe. If every household has a planet as their home, how good! You may have to ask: No sunshine, rain, how to live there? It doesn't matter, there is a state-of-the-art solar light reflector that can transmit light to any planet and adjust it as needed Newport Cigarettes Price. The water source is also supplied by the space station. After one-time supply, it can be regenerated and recycled through purification technology without worrying about no water Carton Of Marlboro Reds.The Earth is our research headquarters, where scientists study the latest research. The largest information receiving tower in the universe is built on the earth. Any news can be transmitted to the receiving tower through the computer, and then transmitted to all the planets by the receiving tower. There is also a Cosmic Express in the future. It is shaped like a speedboat. If you are in a hurry, you can take the Cosmos Express, enter the location you want to go on the screen, and press the button. Just close your eyes and you will be there. Very amazing? If you want to fly while enjoying the scenery, you can enter the location and press a button, the car warehouse will become transparent, you can fully appreciate the beautiful scenery around. Of course, you can also drive the express train yourself, it can be used for water, land and air!Maybe you will think, how can you manage this big planet? Don't worry, there is a fully automatic intelligent robot butler to help you manage. For example, where the crops are dry Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, it will rush there to water the plants. When it catches fire, it will extinguish the fire Marlboro Red 100S... If you are too busy to walk, you can send it to other planets to buy. thing. Yes, it is still a family doctor! If it detects that you have recently been malnourished, it will give you some nutritious food.This is the world of the future Newport Cigarettes Coupons, a world of highly technologically advanced. Let us work together to create this wonderful world!
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Pimp-my-WBB » Boardintern » Feedback » In the future, human beings will no longer

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