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Due to the COVID-19, transparent lace hair wigs were temporarily out of stock in the previous period. First of all, West Kiss Hair thank you for your patience. Today there is good news that HD lace wigs are available! Come to kiss your hair and find your own unique wig.

1.The Advantages of HD Lace
If you are new to HD lace, the advantages of HD lace as below may help you to deepen your understanding.
1)Customers usually need to select a suitable lace color to match their skin tone, like light-skin people may choose transparent lace or light brown lace, and dark-skin people could choose dark brown lace. Now stop selecting lace colors, one HD lace can match all different skin colors perfectly.
2)The HD lace in West Kiss Hair has smaller invisible knots which are twice as much as standard lace, and all the knots need to take 3 days of elaborate hand-making. Other standard laces have bigger obvious knots, only need to take 1 day of standard hand-making. Compared with the two, HD lace has better handcraft, it is also lighter, softer, and thinner than other common lace.

2.Available HD Lace Wigs Recommendation
1)5x5 HD Lace Closure Wigs
2)5x5 Transparent Lace Closure Wigs
3)6x6 HD Lace Closure Wigs
In West Kiss Hair, we have two kinds of HD lace closure wigs: 5x5 HD lace closure wigs and 6x6 HD lace closure wigs. These two HD lace closure wigs are largely the same, only the lace area is a bit different, the 6x6 HD lace closure is a little bigger than the 5x5 HD lace closure. The hair length of these two kinds of HD lace closure wigs can reach 40 inches, long hair wigs are suitable for winter. Besides, the installation of lace closure wigs is also more convenient and very easy for beginners to get started.
On the other hand, 5x5 transparent lace closure wigs are also restocked recently. At the price, transparent lace closure wigs are more affordable to people than HD lace closure wigs. If you have a limited budget, 5x5 transparent lace closure wigs also can be a great choice.

4)13x4 HD Lace Frontal Wigs
Most customers like HD lace front wigs more than HD lace closure wigs. As lace frontal wigs can cover people’s forehead from ear to ear which can offer more realistic hairlines and complete the whole wig style more real.

West Kiss Hair's wig makes you the most eye-catching person in the crowd.
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Pimp-my-WBB » Boardintern » Gästeforum » HD Lace Wigs Are Back in Stock!

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