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Dabei seit: 27.04.2017
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People have festivals, so do bodhisattvas. The festival of the bodhisattva, commonly known as the temple fair before its establishment Online Cigarettes, is called the material exchange conference after its establishment. Each season has its own origin. In the mountains on June 6th, its origin is legendary. It is said that in the early years, an old man who chose salt for his own use came to the bridgehead of Dalingkou, Daxu, and carried the salt on his shoulders. His head was in the direction of the current barrier hall, and he died. The villagers saw the words on the salt basket ambiguous, and they recognized a word "Zheng" on the shoulders, thinking that they were immortals, and they liked the treasure and stood here to benefit the people. Therefore, please ask the elder to bathe his fragrant soup, and then make a request: "If you fancy this place, everyone will make a statue for you to worship, and the body will help you to settle in the soil. After the elder said, the fall of the old man meant he agreed. The townspeople came together to settle his funeral and set up a throne again. Later, it really came true. As a result, people from the neighboring villages came to help with money and materials, built a hall for the hindrance, and dedicated to Grandpa Zheng, on June 6th. I like to watch opera, and I think the Buddha also likes to watch opera. To make the bodhisattva happy and use people as their own, ask the troupe to perform. Of course, it doesn't matter whether the Bodhisattva understands the play or is not happy. The key is that the villagers are happy. The Bodhisattva is also happy. The stage is full of gongs and drums. The audience is in full swing in front of the stage. In addition to the people in the neighboring villages, friends and relatives are also invited to watch the show. From the temple fair to the material exchange conference, the official title has changed, but it is eaten and played Customs have not changed. Like the New Year, the farmhouse prepares decent banquets, chickens, ducks, fish, and meat. It is a feast for family and friends during the season, and one table after another is even more busy than the Spring Festival mokingusacigarettes.com. For grown-ups, it will cost a lot of money in the past season. It is months or even half a year's income, and for the ignorant children, when they take the opportunity to satiate, they will have relatives and joy. At early June, the early rice was not harvested, and the green and yellow were not picked up. They had to borrow food from their relatives in the countryside. In the 1970s, the branch secretary of the Qingxi Brigade Yongmu decided to abolish June 6. Someone who has good things compiled a smooth slogan: "Qingxi Lou Yongmu, but June 6. The foreigner Mokou Guliu (mouth mouth), Lachai came to Dalingkou. Sitting on the top of the 'wood secretary', "Yongliang" Big Brother's steamed bun (cook head), 'Kaiming' steamed bun (grandma) stood on the steamed bun and refused to leave without food. On the 19th day of the lunar month, it was the birthday of Guanyin Bodhisattva, which became the season of our commune, on the street. The head was moving, and the shoulders were crowded. The circus in the field was uninvited, and a round tent was temporarily set up in the open space to perform a variety of novel and thrilling programs. Children have no money to buy tickets, and can only pass through the tent. Peeking through the cracks, or listening to the sensational screams from the tweeters. Those rivers and lakes artists who performed a couple of tricks first performed a magic to attract the audience Marlboro Lights, and then took out a so-called pill made of rice flour or corn flour and sold it to spectators. . Those who play monkeys, one directs the macaques to do some fighting, beating, arching, and the other is holding a hat to ask for money from the onlookers. There are also photo-seeking, fortune-telling, measuring, begging, three teachings and nine, sharing the season. Big Every year on February 19th, March 3rd, and August 13th, the nearby bazaars have successively held material exchange conferences. Dad always makes furniture such as wooden cabinets, wooden boxes, and wooden beds, and puts them on trolleys. Pull it to the market to sell. I tied a twine on the front of the car, bypassed my shoulders, put it in my hands, leaned on my chest, and put my hands, feet, and shoulders together to force my head forward. Traitor. Bargaining with the buyer, my heart is drumming up and down, full of contradictions, I hope not to easily make a price, sell a good price, but also hope to make the price earlier, sell the furniture, let me join the crowd of crowds earlier. The original meaning, instead, has the opportunity to counterfeit and shoddy goods, and also caused serious traffic congestion. In the past few years, the government issued an order to cancel the seasons throughout the county.
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