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hublot watches for sale The new Bólido Black Edition recently launched by the brand uses the original case design that has just won the Global Red Dot Design Award. It is made of stainless steel or PVD blackened steel case. Mm, the narrowest part is 38 mm; from the side, the mirror and the back cover are not parallel, but at a certain angle, the thinnest part is 10 mm, the thickest part is 12 mm; the crown is located at 12 o'clock. Dials are available in cut-out and non-cut-out versions.In 1959, Seiko Japan invented a new mechanical winding system, the magic rod, which can achieve two-way automatic winding with fewer parts. In 1963, on this basis, Seiko released a series called "No. 5", where 5 in the name represents "automatic, waterproof, calendar, durable, steel belt" these 5 characteristics. With these advantages and low prices, Seiko No. 5 has been hot for more than half a century ... The craziest time was in 1966, when the export volume of this series of watches of Seiko No. 5 exceeded the collection of all brands in the entire Swiss country.

It is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement , with a strap or rubber band made of ostrich leather. To celebrate " the SEIKO ( Seiko ) system table 100th anniversary craft heritage", a Grand Seiko series of classic watches glory return.

luxury watches for sale In 1967, the 44GS series watch was first introduced, showing the charm of the Grand Seiko series with a new look . This new design was created by a young designer to reflect and interpret the essence of the SEIKO brand. When the first Grand Seiko watch came out in 1960, it was pursuing purely functional goals such as precision, practicality and wearing comfort. Its charm lies in outstanding movement manufacture. In the early 1960s, a young college student who joined the company discovered that focusing solely on building movements was not enough. He researched the models on display at the Wako Department Store in Tokyo, realizing that SEIKO needed to create a watch with a design that exudes more glamorous luster and excellence, so he decided to make a wrist for SEIKO The table sets an appearance style. He eventually created the "Seiko Classic Style", and the 44GS watch was the first watch designed accordingly, and the Grand Seiko watch , which was stable, unique, simple, and shining was born.
"Seiko Classic Style" is not only a typical Japanese style, but also SEIKO's unique style. Its quiet nature reflects the implicit and restrained aesthetics most admired by Japanese culture. And this kind of high-level sense of serenity comes from the unremitting insistence on every basic watchmaking detail: precision, durability and legibility. These concepts combine to form the aesthetic core of Grand Seiko watches.

grand seiko watches for sale This series of watches is radiant, but there is no lack of subtle elegance. The benchmark of "Seiko classic style" comes from the aesthetic awareness of "light". Japanese tradition cherishes the subtle gradation of infinite chromaticity between light and darkness. This is why, for example, Japanese-style folding screens and sliding doors (paper screens) seem to consist of simple lines and planes. In fact, with different locations and times, light and shadow tones are intertwined and unpredictable. The glamorous luster of each Grand Seiko watch also comes from this unique Japanese aesthetic perspective, so although it looks simple, it uses a very unique "grinding method" without any skew to make the watch reflect Every gleam of light shines. new 44GS Limited Collector's Edition is as accurate and reliable as its prototype. It is equipped with a hand-wound mechanical movement and the same size "Lion" badge is engraved on the case back. Made of stainless steel, the dial, hands and scale are exactly the same as the prototype.
There are four watches in this series, all equipped with the 9S64 mechanical movement first introduced in 2011. The movement's swing wheel rotates at 8 revolutions per second (28,800 revolutions per hour), has an accuracy of -3 to +5 seconds per day, has an energy storage of up to 72 hours, and is set with 24 gems. Three of these watches are made of 18K gold (white, yellow and rose gold), and the other is stainless steel. The case diameter is 37.9 mm, and the inner layer of the sapphire crystal is coated with SEIKO's unique ultra-clear coating.
Relying on the high precision of SEIKO's latest machinery and polishing technology, owning and appreciating the new 44GS series watch is a personal experience of the quiet and perfect traditional craftsmanship recreated in the new era. The Grand Seiko classic was reborn.


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