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Dabei seit: 27.04.2017
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The lanterns of the Lantern Festival bake the lonely night, and all kinds of bustle and noisy form a transparent and huge vortex among the seven emotions and six desires that the crowd cannot see through. The smell of cigarettes everywhere makes the delicate electric rabbit lights distant. Inadvertently, the most affectionate companion in memory, as the vortex pulled, began to float and sink. It is said that the days in the countryside are happy, which can always be reflected in several friends who often play together. Looking at the different friends today, there is no exception on the hand is a small handmade lamp. A Ming laughed at me awkwardly and puzzled me: "Stupid! It's Lantern Festival tomorrow, didn't your family make you a lamp?" My heart suddenly didn't taste. Who could help me make a lamp? Mom and dad are not at home, grandfather ... but he is a well-known iron cock in the village, how can he spend money on materials for the lamp? I ignored the thoughtful eyes of my grandfather staring at me on the rattan chair Newport 100S, saying that there was no light at night in the country, because everyone was willing to observe this tranquility. And I was struggling to fall asleep. I went downstairs to find thirst, but I saw the candle flame of the grandfather living in the room. Unconsciously, I opened a gap and saw my grandfather's figure was drawn very long under the light and shadow, like a giant. His arms were shaking, as if tinkering with something. I searched for the faint light, and saw the frame of a rabbit, and the joints were tied with strips. What is he doing? The world was silent, the fire was silent, and only the sound of the wood being cut was slow. If the sound of wooden thorns were made, the giant figure would be a little flustered. The sound of paper-cuts was extremely loud in his ears. He slowed down Online Cigarettes, trying to soothe the quiet night, and "sleeping" me. He repeatedly raised his head and lowered his head, rubbing his fingers over the materials in his hands, and finally attached them to the frame. Maybe it was over, the grandfather exhaled a sigh of relief. His gully old face did not really look under the flames, only the light reflected by the fine sweat was different. Suddenly, candle wax dripped on him, and he groaned dullly and went out annoyedly to sleep. Qingyue Yuehun also cares for the handicrafts he made, and I look forward to it in the back light. Chenguang sucked at the ground, and I was awake half asleep, and I was stuck in the car leading to Grandpa's house. Theoretically speaking, if I want to go back to my in-laws' home during the holiday, my mother will take me back to the nightless festival. My heart was astringent, as if something was always missing. When the car started, a small, thin figure in the rearview mirror enlarged from a small point, occupying my wide eyes, and the blood in my heart was twitching. He banged on the thick window of the car strongly, and the bones in his boneless hands burst with blue veins. He gasped anxiously, magnifying infinitely in my ears, rejoicing. In the end, he took out the delicate lamp in his hand with satisfaction. That was A rabbit light! --He made rabbit lights for me yesterday! His figure disappeared again into a small dot in the rearview mirror, with twinkling tears. The scenery outside the window don't just flash past the ground strangely, I remember that tenderness. The giant figure in the candlelight came to mind, but he was obviously not huge. He was just an old man who was thin and did not like to spend money! But he ... the Lantern Festival, I was holding the rabbit lamp with the grandfather's breath, as a companion. Since the Lantern Festival, it always has its company. Time monologue, affectionate Gu is accompanied to struggle to wake up from memories, tears have wet some of the worn rabbit lights. It turned out that it wasn't just the rabbit lamp that kept me in memory, but my grandfather's love for me. Looking down at the flashing of the lamp, my heart was warm, as if isolated from the noise, to accompany me. The word that I should have envied was actually beside me, and suddenly gave me memories of a small amount of warmth suddenly Cheap Cigarettes. At that moment, I was very excited.
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Pimp-my-WBB » Boardintern » Feedback » inkling tears. The sce

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