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Introduction of URWERK UR-106 Nélombo, the brand's first could watch

For women's timepieces, we often encounter problems with weak interest in fake watches for sale. Here, all of us love mechanical, complex along with bold watches on wrist watches, which are often not found in almost all timepieces for women only. Therefore you don't read this type of stuff often here - really why some women decide on men's watches. However , the members we will introduce to you participate in in another league. This is a appropriate complex watch, a proper strong creation, and a proper URWERK style, mainly for women. It is URWERK UR-106 Lotus, typically the brand's first women's see. Ok, is it really female? Let us find out the answer.

Initial, let's focus on the URWERK in this new UR-106 Nélombo. What is known and what matches the manufacturer's actual DNA? In general, we all stand in front of a observe that is completely similar to Jack Frei's other works. The contour of the case has a large aperture of 6, revealing portions of the movement, a ribbed strap, a crown in 12, integral and articulated lugs... all of these elements works extremely well in other URWERK designer watches Find, for example , URWERK UR-105 TA Automatic, URWERK UR-105M or URWERK UR-210S complete metal jacket.

The colors employed in this UR-106 Lotus are reminiscent of previous models. The very first is Black Lotus with a dark PVD titanium case plus a bright yellow dial (found on the URWERK UR-210 AlTIN). The second version is Nélombo with metallic and material colors. Silver plating answer (like the UR-210 total metal jacket). In terms of layout, there is no doubt. These novelty is actually 100% URWERK, and any individual who knows a little about the manufacturer will recognize them quickly.

Technically, the Urwerk UR-106 Lotus carries a rotating hour hand, containing become the essence of the brand. This kind of versatile feature is found in the majority of the latest URWERK watches, such as "entry-level" UR-105M or über-complex and large UR-1001 pocket view. The complexity of the twisting hour satellite consists of a few discs that rotate about themselves, all attached to the central cage (carousel) in which also rotates 360 degrees. As soon as the hour of the hour will be displayed in the lower half the dial, it will run via 0 to 60 about the track indicating the minute. UR-106 Lotus also has a celestial satellite phase indication, which is not not used to URWERK because there is one for the UR-202. One might admit there is no dashboard panel at the bottom cover and there is no gathering efficiency control, but the other main URWERK functions tend to be here.

Technically, the URWERK UR-106 Lotus relies on a entirely mechanical movement, like various other URWERK watches, with circular textures, shot peening, scrubbing and chamfering screws, using additional modules for working satellites at the top.. Similarly, you cannot find any difference between the ladies' versions and the other men's types. The movement is self-contained and has 48 hours involving power reserve.

Both versions from the UR-106 Lotus are made of steel and titanium, and the dark-colored version is coated having PVD. Although the other wristwatches of the brand are usually bulky, they can be slightly smaller (35 milimetre wide, 49. 4 millimeter long and 14. fortyfive mm high), which is a traditional ladies watch with a height of 35 mm that is certainly much different from the usual 30th mm.

What is the difference? The thing that makes this URWERK (not URWERK) a watch designed for women? The foremost is the name. As one of the most famous watch manufactures mentioned here (and likewise intends to be a lady referred to as Suzanne Wong), the name much more feminine. The other watches of the trademark are named "Iron Knight", "Torpedo", "Cobra", "All Material Jacket", "Hammer", "Wolf Spider" or "White Shark", URWERK UR-106 The name is more simple: Lotus or Black Nélombo - you will admit that it can be not as good military or maybe aggressive as other line. The name of the lotus comes from the contour of the central carousel, along with six petals in the middle. Fine Let us agree that this is really a modern stylized version connected with Lotus.https://www.chronowrist.ru

Actually the main female side in the URWERK UR-106 Lotus is actually a diamond set on the frame - a bright typical white diamond or a african american black diamond - any white alligator strap. To take out diamonds from the bezel, maybe you have a very good men's URWERK rapid especially for those looking for smaller sized watches - and we no longer recommend watches worn from Monochrome-Watches. We are not astonished to see that URWERK UR-106 Lotus is tied to often the wrists of some peculiar men, especially the black color version.

How to summarize? Is usually URWERK UR-106 Lotus ideal? not really. This is a pure URWERK with some femininity. Is it a thing we personally like? A good deal. Why do women don terrible watches, because these bezels are popped with several diamonds in the bezel...? They can be fully allowed (and clearly encouraged) to like the intricate, bold and unique projects of independent watchmakers. Actually , this UR-106 is likely to be by far the most versatile watch in the overall collection.

The power of Urwerk UR-106 flower

Urwerk's UR-106 Floral Power is a new variation of the 106 travel timepiece, launched in 2015. The actual diamond inlay extends in the case and crown to feature the combined flowers from the roaming time satellite. When compared to the men's case, the case is somewhat more feminine, but still large, 36 mm wide, about 60 mm up and down, and 12. 45 mm thick. The lens case is made of steel and the ti crown is set with diamond jewelry.http://www.bagsbagu.com

Time is usually shown in the time-round turn, which is the core basic principle of the Urwerk design system. The hour is viewable by three groups of a number of numbers rotated, so the hr number is used to read some time on the minute scale. The essential is based on the 17th hundred years watch invented by the Campani brothers in Rome.

From the UR-106 flower power model, the movement is adorned with diamond-plated central white gold or platinum flowers and three more compact flowers on the turntable amongst the hour satellites. The case is focused with 239 diamonds which is completed by Magnin Necklaces in Geneva. There is a celestial body overhead phase at the front of the face and a lapis lazuli qualifications on the silver base. The particular hour and minute guidance are hand painted and sprayed with SuperLuminova.

The watch is definitely powered by a self-winding R 6. 01 calibre. The normal movement is the Zenith Top-notch, on which Urwerk constructs their proprietary drift time component. It provides a 48-hour power reserve.

Plant patterns are often characteristic associated with women's watches, but numerous recent works have included flowers into the mechanical equipment of watches. In the classic goddess 7038 of Bao gue, the flowers are usually engraved on the barrel then gradually rotated. In Christophe Claret's Margot, the daisy becomes a game of "He loves me, he will not love me. " Any time you press a button, the petals fade away. In Perrelet Amytis, the actual flower is the rotor within the dial side.FRANCK MULLER Vanguard Yachting replica
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