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The 'trois Gnossiennes' (1890) is a set of dance-like pieces of similar character Tuukka Rask Premier Jersey , like the earlier composed 'trois Sarabandes' (1887) and 'trois Gymnop'dies' (188cool . The 'trois Gnossiennes' were first published by Satie as a set through Rouart, Lerolle & Cie. in 1913.

The Gnossiennes continue in the minimalist style of the Gymnop'dies but add ornaments that give the pieces a destinctly oriental feel. Although the pieces are obviously composed in a 44 time signature, Satie did not indicate it in the score. He also omitted barlines, leaving one big "bar" for the entire piece. This gives the impression of great freedom for the pianist. The comments written above the score, like 'Du bout de la pens?e' (from the tip of the thought) and 'Postulez en vous m'me' (wonder about yourself) also give much room for interpretation. This has proven to be true since there are few pieces in piano literature that have been interpretated in such diverse ways as the Gnossiennes.

The name 'Gnossiennes' can be explained in multiple ways. The ancient Greek word for 'knowledge' is 'gnosis'. Gnosticism was the name of a religious-philosophical belief which has its origins in Greek philosophy as well as early Christian and Jewish Apocalyptic thoughts. In this belief 'Gnosis' stands for 'True knowledge', which is supposed to lead man to true emancipation. Gnosticism also played a great role in the beliefs of Jos?phin P'ladan's (1859-191cool 'Rose et croix' sect. Satie's collaboration with P'ladan led him to take an interest in partly-heretical views. It is possible that the title of these works is an hommage to gnosticism.

The most common explanation however is that the title refers to the ritual dances performed by the inhabitants of the island of Crete Patrice Bergeron Premier Jersey , with its capitol city Knossos, famous in Greek mythology for the story of its labyrinth, Theseus and the minotaur. In 1890 Crete was in the news because of archeological excavations. Other works by Satie from the same period were named after dances as well. Namely the 'Sarabande', a dance which was first introduced in Portugal in 1586 and the 'Gymnop'die' which has its origins in ancient Sparta. Even so, it is very unlikely that Satie, a member of the 'Rose et croix' from 1891 to 1892 Authentic David Pastrnak Jersey , was unaware of the gnosticism relation when the second Gnossienne was first publicly performed in 1893.

In 1967 french composer Robert Caby (1905-1992) revealed many of Satie's posthumous and often untitled works, taken from sketchbooks and manuscripts. He named three of these pieces Gnossienne. These became Gnossienne 4, 5 and 6 respectively. The piece known as the fourth Gnossienne was composed in 1891, the fifth in 1889 and the sixth in 1897. These pieces were first published in 1968 by ed. Salabert.

That day was his wife’s birthday. The husband has never cooked decided to cook for his wife. When he didn’t finish the dish, their three-year-old son ran to play, the wife chased after the son to avoid him being burned. However Authentic Brad Marchand Jersey , their son was finally burned by the oil, and his chin left a shocking scars.

Several years later, the child went to primary and secondary schools. He was often ridiculed by other peers; later, the child went to college, chasing a lot of girlfriends, people all didn’t like the scar on his face. This made him not happy. Then Authentic Tuukka Rask Jersey , the child graduated from college, but he had not found work. His specialty was English, but to communicate with foreigners, the image was very important. He could not blame the receiving unit, so he put all the responsibility on his parents. He thought: if parents were more carefully, I would not have so many unfair treatments. The more he thought Authentic Patrice Bergeron Jersey , the angrier he would be, even he did not want to see their parents. After graduating from college two years, he did not go home, even did not want to call parents, then a person floated alone outside.

In fact, his father was sadder than he. Several times to contact with his son but had no results David Pastrnak Jersey , the father had to ask for help for a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist listened to the situation described by the father, and he decided to help the father. The psychiatrist spent a great deal of enthusiasm to find that guy. The doctor said: “In this world, no parents would intentionally hurt their children. Something was accident. The son should understand them…” However, one afternoon, the young man did not listen to the doctor. Two people was walking while talking, finally they went to a cemetery on the outskirts.

Doctors suddenly thought of something Brad Marchand Jersey , he asked the young man: “You really cannot forgive your parents?” Young man nodded. The doctor said: “If one day your parents leave you, are you willing to let them take guilt and regret come here?” Young man froze for a moment. Doctor went on to say: “Even if at that time you forgive your parents, then, what is the point of the pardon that time?”

When we are faced with the ultimate questioning, all the hate suddenly disappears. Tears welled up in the boy’s eyes. He frantically ran back to quarters, called the home phone number…

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