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Geschrieben von coolerfreezer111 am 24.09.2020 um 20:40:

  shisha kooltjes

Modern hookahs have evolved in design but still perform the same, simplistic function as the hookahs of old. The tobacco that is smoked in the hookah has also seen evolution and change. Originally, tobaccos would be mixed with molasses or honey and placed in the bowl-like apparatus atop the hookah. Coals would be directly-applied to this mixture and, instead of burning, the tobacco would be heated to the appropriate temperature to create smoke. Today's hookah tobacco, commonly referred to as 'shisha,' is made with modern components. Tobacco, glycerin and sugar are combined with countless flavors to produce a truly unique smoking experience. The flavors range from fruity apples and oranges to cultural favorites like bubble gum and cola. In fact, there are over 50 flavors available to today's hookah smokers!

As mentioned before, the tobacco shisha kooltjes is heated rather than burned. The hookah tobacco is generally void of the chemical additives found in cigarettes. In fact, hookah tobacco is usually composed of only tobacco, glycerin, sugar and flavoring. This is a far cry from the nearly 600 additives that can legally be added to cigarettes. These additives also transform into other chemicals when burned - a process that happens every time a cigarette is lit and smoked.

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