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Geschrieben von coolerfreezer111 am 22.09.2020 um 13:59:

  Power Supply Batteries

Designed to match the UPS aesthetically. UPS up to around 30kVA have capacity for internal battery sets. Where this is not the case, or where additional power protection runtime is required, external battery extension cabinets or rackmount battery trays are used; as far as is reasonably practical, these are designed to match the UPS aesthetically.

An alternative is to use pin nuoi nguon clad or unclad battery stands; this is more common for large UPS battery sets due to their size and weight. They can also provide better access for testing.

Few line-interactive UPS below 2kVA support extension packs. In terms of extended runtimes, few line-interactive UPS below 2kVA have the capability for external battery extension packs. Some 2kVA UPS, have a battery extension pack connector and can be used to support loads (without oversizing) for up to several hours. Others don't, and must be oversized for the load at the UPS system design stage if longer runtime is required.

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